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GTEC Orientation

A synchronous session where the participants will get a brief overview of the program, including its objectives and structure. They will learn how to navigate issues in a complex workplace and the respectful university services and student employment.

Teaching Development I

A synchronous online workshop in which the participants practise various institutional teaching and learning technologies and teaching resources that support the teaching role of the teaching assistant. Besides, the participants will be delving into adult learning principles and evidence-based effective teaching practices.

Teaching Development II

A synchronous online workshop in which the participants apply principles of constructive alignment and how to align learning outcomes, instruction activities, and assessment. Also, participants will explore some strategies for student engagement and creating effective learning experiences using some active learning strategies.

Academic Integrity

An online lesson in which participants review the concept of Academic Integrity and identify five different kinds of academic dishonesty. Participants also recognize the critical points of the University of Regina’s regulations governing discipline for academic and non-academic misconduct and the procedures and penalties associated with violation of these regulations. Differentiate between what is an acceptable use of others’ ideas/words and what is plagiarism. They will be introduced to strategies to incorporate another person’s ideas/words into their work. Finally, participants will recognize the importance of seeking help for any issues associated with academic integrity and identify where they can get help at the University of Regina from an expert to reference material appropriately.

Teaching Development III

A synchronous online workshop in which the participants are introduced to reflective practice and how to implement it in their teaching as means of professional growth. Also, they are introduced to the Teaching Dossier as a professional development tool to build and its components. With a focus on the teaching Philosophy Statement, its value, structure and how to develop their own.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

An online lesson in which participants review the three concepts of equity, diversity & inclusion. It provides context and clarity about the terms and how these terms are connected. Participants also learn how to identify ways in which they can contribute to making the University of Regina campus the environment they envision for the world.


A synchronous session where the participants will learn strategies to design and deliver an effective presentation and provide constructive feedback. After the session, they will be able to work on the program’s culminating activity, which integrates the knowledge and skills presented in different sessions of the program. The activity comprises two parts: a) prepare a video to present their teaching philosophy; b) provide constructive feedback to two peers.