Photo of Dr. Valerie Irvine

Projects and Final Reports

Susan Johnston, Department of English & Stephen Cheng, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Final Report: Supplemental Instruction across the Disciplines: Adapting a Natural Sciences SI Program to Enrichment in the Humanities

This project investigates what dimensions of Supplemental Instruction (SI) can be adapted for use in first-year courses outside of the natural sciences and mathematics, in particular, English 100.

David Gerhard, Computer Science & Charity Marsh, Media Production and Studies

Project: Rethinking Access: Teaching and Learning Digital Music Technologies

The research questions we are posing are: How do the potential differences between the designers’ and users’ needs impact the use of existing digital music technologies? How do users with an interest in creating sound art, composing electronic music, or performing ‘live’ learn and adapt to the constantly evolving design of digital music technologies?

Simone Hengen, ESL Program

Final Report: Enhancing Discipline-Specific Vocabulary Learning at the University of Regina

This project will combine two areas of research:  insights into current theoretical trends for teaching vocabulary and teaching in higher education, hoping to enhance my ability to help ESL students make the transition to University studies and to give grad students an opportunity to investigate methods of effective vocabulary teaching for L2 learners.

Wallace Lockhart, Shelley Lukasewich, & Megan Costiuk, Business Administration

Project: Online Tools for Engagement and Evaluation: UR Courses as a Platform

An evaluation of textbooks for the BUS 288 and BUS 388 courses was done in 2008. Two textbooks were selected because of the online tools that were offered by the publisher. In both cases promises were not fulfilled and the online tools were a disappointment to both students and instructor. This project will explore the possibilities of setting up online applications using UR Courses to do: pre-class quizzes, weekly assignment and quizzes, problem structured in different formats, including written essay/report components, as well as the use of MS Excel for student submission.