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Projects and Final Reports

Rebecca Genoe, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

After implementing intergenerational learning seminars in THRC/KIN 240, I wanted to investigate the experiences of the students and the volunteers in learning from each other about the aging process. Secondly, it was my hope to use the information gathered from students and volunteers to improve the structure of the seminars that both students and volunteers find the seminars to be valuable.

Katherine Arbuthnott, Department of Psychology, Campion College, Stephen Cheng, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Final Report: Research on Academic Motivation and Learning Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Programs

Our project will examine the correlation between Supplemental Instruction (SI) attendance, motivation, available time and learning strategies and help us provide better peer-to-peer mentoring programs to improve student success and retention in the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, and Campion College.

Doug Cripps, Harold Riemer, Jennifer Love-Green, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Darrel Lawlor, Centre for Continuing Education

Project:  Integration of Learning Portfolios across the Curriculum:  Do They Lead to Student Success?

This project is intended to provide Kinesiology and Health Studies students with the opportunity for reflective practice in student learning through the development of learning portfolios.

Alec Couros, Faculty of Education

Project:  The Open Classroom Project – Phase 2

This project will explore ‘open and networked teaching’ specifically the pedagogical affordances created through the development of open-access courses.

Rebecca Genoe, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Final Report: Bringing the community into the classroom: An exploration of intergenerational learning within the University classroom

This project will investigate the seminar component of Therapeutic Recreation – Aging (THRC 240), exploring both the experiences of the students and the volunteers in learning from each other about the aging process.

Cindy Hanson, Barbara McNeil, Faculty of Education

Final Report: Knowledge-Sharing for Improved Pedagogical Practices in Global Citizenship

This project will increase our capacity to develop and deliver teaching strategies that enhance values associated with global citizenship and to assist other faculty in doing the same.

Shanthi Johnson, Kinesiology and Health Studies

Project:  A survey of teaching and learning styles and strategies in graduate education at the University of Regina

This project will examine teaching and learning styles of graduate supervisors and students across various faculties.

Tom McIntosh, Tina Beaudry Mellor, Department of Political Science, Yolanda Hansen, Community Research Unit, Faculty of Arts

Final Report: Best Practices in Teaching Civic Engagement

What role do universities play in facilitating and encouraging young people to use their knowledge as active citizens and what are the best practices in achieving that goal are the central research and teaching inquiries of this proposal.

Brenda Rossow-Kimball, Faculty of Kinesiology and Heath Studies

Final Report: Perspectives of Children & Youth with Disabilities: Teaching Undergraduate Students in a Practicum Setting

This study will explore the perspectives of community members who engage in experiences of reciprocal, practical learning with students at the University of Regina.

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