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Projects and Final Reports

Tanya Dahms, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Fidji Gendron, Department of Interdisciplinary First Nations University of Canada, and Maria Pontes Ferreira, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Faculty of Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA

ProjectSynergistic application of Western and Indigenous knowledge to understanding medicinal plants

Our project will investigate the following three questions: (1) Does the blending of Indigenous and Western knowledge provide a more holistic understanding of medicinal plants, not otherwise accessible? (2) What are the perceptions of students regarding multidisciplinary team teaching and the quality of their learning experience? (3) Does multidisciplinary team teaching provide instructors with new and effective ways of teaching and knowing?

Michelle Stewart, Department of Justice Studies, Claire Carter, Department of Women and Gender Studies, and Michael Cappello, Faculty of Education

ProjectPower & the Classroom: Countering Oppression and Privilege Through Course Instruction and Design

This project will bring together educations from across the University of Regina to discuss power relations in the classroom.

Tobias Sperlich, Department of Anthropology

Project: Face to face teaching and blended teaching in large introductory classes: A comparison of two approaches

The purpose of this study is to investigate and directly compare two different teaching approaches.

Rebecca Caines, Department of Theatre, Pauline Minevich, Department of Music, David Gerhard, Department of Computer Science

ProjectThe University of Regina iPad Orchestra: Engaging mobile audiovisual technologies in music teaching and learning

This project aims to explore the potential for engaging with the Apple iPad as a teaching and learning device in the area of music composition and performance.

F. Volker Greifenhagen Religious Studies, Mary Vetter, Psychology, Brian Hillis, Religious Studies, Luther College

Project: Development and evaluation of an instructor toolkit of pedagogical strategies for student transition and engagement in introductory courses

This project is part of a larger project with the specific purpose of developing, testing, evaluating, and finalizing a toolkit of pedagogical strategies proven to be effective, in introductory courses in the University of Regina context.

Valerie Mulholland, Cyril Kesten, Faculty of Education

Project: The Balfour Project – Transitions: Moving into a school; Moving into Internship

With this study we are striving to improve our own teaching practices, as well as the secondary teacher education program, and to respond to ‘real’ needs in a Community School.

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