Photo of Dr. Valerie Irvine

Projects and Final Reports

Dr. Daryl Hepting, Department of Computer Science

Project:  Evaluation of Synergies between Outreach and Inreach Resource Development

Dr. Randy Johner, Faculty of Social Work and Jenn de Lugt, Faculty of Education

Project:  The Voices of Disablement: Offering Pedagogical Insights

Dr. Wallace Lockhart (Principal Investigator), Bruce Anderson, and Brian Schumacher (Co-investigators), Faculty of Business Administration

Project:  Business Students’ First-Year Experience

Dr. Florence Luhanga, Faculty of Nursing (Principal Investigator), Dr. Twyla Salm, Faculty of Education, and Dr. Randy Johner, Faculty of Social Work (Co-investigators)

Project:  Exploring the Issue of Failure to Fail Incompetent Students: A Multi-Disciplinary Project

Dr. Dena McMartin, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Project:  Evaluating Teaching Methods that Affect Recruitment and Retention of Female Students in Engineering

The primary goal is to conduct research to better understand and evaluation teaching methods and curricular design paying particular attention to gendered curricula, course content, and teaching models in engineering at the University of Regina. The research will build upon preliminary data collected in Fall 2011 and reflect on classroom environments and lecture/lab models in core and discipline-specific courses in first and final year student populations. Data collected will inform revisions to teaching and learning techniques that support a gender-neutral environment with pilot testing in one or two classrooms and support from engineering colleagues. Based on literature, it is anticipated that these pilots will focus more heavily on experiential learning opportunities, expanded real world examples (problem based learning) and opportunities to engage with the practical application of engineering concepts. Data will be collected via paper and online surveys as well as face-to-face interviews with female and male students. Through the pilot phase, monitoring of female and male students will be conducted to ensure that methods are gender-neutral and appropriate for not only recruiting and retaining women, but also to avoid disaffecting male students. The project also proposes to bring issues of engineering education to female and male students for input about their perspectives and perceptions about how we teach engineering.

Dr. Nuelle Novik, Faculty of Social Work (Principal Investigator), and Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos, Department of Psychology (Co-investigator)

Project:  Teaching Graduate Students in Social Work in Internet Therapy: Examination of Students’ Satisfaction, Strengths, Challenges, and Competency

Dr. Michèle Parent, Faculty of Nursing (Principal Investigator), and Pam Rice, Aboriginal Career Centre (Co-investigator)

Project:  A Study on Aboriginal Nursing Education: Using Indigenous Knowledge to Prepare Students and Faculty to Learn and Work with and for Aboriginal People and Communities

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