Photo of Dr. Valerie Irvine

Projects and Final Reports

Dr. Michael Cappello, Faculty of Education, Dr. Claire Carter, Women and Gender Studies, Leo Keiser, UR Pride, and Krista Baliko, Centre for Continuing Education

Project: Queering Teacher Education: Enhancing Teacher Understanding to Support Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) Students

Dr. Kerri Finlay, Dr. Josef Buttigieg, Department of Biology, and Myra Zubot-Mitchell, Flexible Learning/Centre for Continuing Education and Faculty of Nursing

Project: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online vs. Face-to-face Supplemental Instruction in Introductory Biology Courses

Dr. Tom McIntosh, Department of Politics and International Studies

Project: Further Development of SPHERU’s History of Health in Saskatchewan Timeline

Dr. Scott Murphy, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Dr. David Gerhard, Department of Computer Science

Project: Development of a Responsive Online Homework and Quiz System for Large Enrollment Courses

Dr. JingTao Yaoand Dr. David Gerhard, Department of Computer Science

Project: Student Centred Self-Assessment for Computer-based Skilled Development

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