Dr. Alec Couros (He/Him)


Office: AH 105.24

Dr. Alec Couros is the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Regina. He received his Bachelor and Master of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan and then completed his PhD in Education at the University of Regina. He also holds the position of Professor of Educational Technology and Media in the Faculty of Education.

Dr. Couros is an internationally recognized leader, innovator, and speaker who has given hundreds of keynotes and workshops around the globe on diverse topics such as open education, networked learning, digital citizenship, and critical media literacy. He is also a passionate advocate of openness in education and demonstrates this commitment through his open access publications, considerable digital presence and contributions, and highly successful MOOCs and open boundary courses. Dr. Couros has received numerous awards for innovation in teaching and learning.

(306) 585-4480


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