Dr. Deena Salem (She/Her)

Educational Developer

Dr. Deena Salem is the Educational Developer at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at UoR. She received her BSc., MSc., and PhD. in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University in Egypt. She pursued her education by earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Education from Queen’s University. Kingston, ON.

Dr. Salem has been involved in various educational development projects in different post-secondary institutions for the last two decades. She has taught a diverse set of general and specialized courses in electrical engineering, supervised several capstone design projects and research-oriented theses for both Master’s and PhD students in microwave engineering. She has worked for more than three years as a researcher at the Royal Military College of Canada, Electrical and Computers Department. Salem’s work extends from post-secondary academic institutions in the  Middle East to Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON, to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MA.