Included below are a number of sample statements regarding the use or non-use of generative AI in coursework that instructors may choose to include in their syllabi. These statements may be combined and/or modified to meet the needs of the individual instructor and course. Note that these statements are highly course-specific and should always be reviewed with students to ensure understanding. (Last updated August 23, 2023)

Sample statements to include in syllabus where generative AI is PERMITTED or PERMITTED IN LIMITED WAYS (choose one or more as appropriate):

Students are permitted to make use of available technological tools, including generative AI tools as supplementary resources in this course. When leveraging these technologies, students are encouraged to critically evaluate the generated content and to integrate it with their own understandings to produce original work.

While students are free to use generative AI to brainstorm or draft their assignments, the final submission should primarily reflect the student’s own original understandings and insights.

Generative AI tools may be used to assist in students’ understanding of course content or in their completion of coursework for this class. However, if students choose to use generative AI to help with their coursework, they must be sure to cite any AI-generated content according to the relevant citation format.

Any use of generative AI in the completion of coursework should be cited appropriately, including the identification of any tools that were used, how the tools were employed, and how the AI-generated content was integrated into the submitted coursework.

When using generative AI tools to support the completion of coursework, students are required to submit an appendix to the relevant assignment consisting of the AI-generated content, the tool used, and any prompt(s) used in content generation.

Collaborative projects that include the use of generative AI tools are welcome. If students choose to integrate AI-generated content into group assignments, it is important that all group members understand and can explain such content. It is also important that students clearly delineate between human-generated and AI-generated content submitted as coursework.

When using AI tools to improve one’s own writing, students must retain drafts of the original work prior to modification by AI and have these drafts available for instructors to review if requested.

While students may use generative AI tools for brainstorming and idea development, the submitted content, analysis, and conclusion must be independently developed by the student.

Generative AI may be used as a supplementary resource for group projects or discussions, however, students must refrain from using AI-generated content in individual assignment submissions.

Generative AI tools may be used in the preliminary stages of assignment creation, however, students must ensure that final drafts of all assignments are revised to represent their own comprehension and efforts.

When using generative AI tools in assignments that involve problem-solving or critical thinking, students should be cautious to ensure that they have critically evaluated and adapted AI-generated content.

Students are permitted to use generative AI tools on assignments for this course as indicated by the instructor and outlined on the assignment sheet. Without such permission, students are expected to complete all coursework without substantial assistance from others, including automated tools.

Sample statements to include in syllabus where generative AI is NOT PERMITTED (choose one or more as appropriate):

Students are expected to complete assignments, tests, and other academic evaluations using their own knowledge and abilities. The use of generative AI tools, including but not limited to ChatGPT, is considered a breach of this expectation.

The use of generative AI tools in the preparation or completion of assignments, papers, or exams for this course is prohibited, and any evidence of such use may be subject to academic penalties.

Authenticity and integrity are core values of this course. As such, any student found employing generative AI platforms to draft, edit, or produce any course-related materials will be in violation of course ethics and may face disciplinary action.

To preserve the integrity and quality of student work, students are strictly prohibited from integrating or referencing AI-generated content in any coursework submissions.

In this course, our primary focus is to cultivate an equitable, inclusive, and accessible learning community that emphasizes individual critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To ensure a fair and consistent learning experience for all students, the use of advanced AI tools such as ChatGPT or Dall-E 2 is strictly prohibited for all submitted academic (written/coding/creative/etc.) work, assignments, and assessments in this course. Each student is expected to complete all tasks without substantive assistance from others, including AI tools.

Any use of generative AI tools in academic work is considered academic misconduct and will be reported to an investigating Dean.

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