Open Pedagogy at the University of Regina

This page will showcase some of the open pedagogy projects that are being completed across the University community. The intent is to provide a base of ideas for others to leverage and facilitate the development of an Open Pedagogy Community of Practice within the University. Starting in the Winter of 2023, there will be an Open Pedagogy Fellowship provided for faculty interested in working with students to co-create open content.  The button below can be used to download the Terms of Reference.

Open Pedagogy Terms of Reference

The following video from Open Education Global on Open Pedagogy as a Tool for Student Empowerment has some ideas for interested faculty.

Video length: 59:52 minutes

Examples of Open Pedagogy Projects at the University of Regina

Open Resource


'Decolonization and Justice: An Introductory Overview' emerged from the undergraduate students’ final assignment in JS-419 on Advanced Seminar in Criminal Justice at the University of Regina's Department of Justice Studies, Canada. This book focused on decolonization of multiple justice-related areas, such as policing, the court system, prison, restorative justice, and the studies of law and criminology. This is quite likely one of the few student-led book projects in Canada covering the range of decolonization topics. Ten student authors explored the concept of decolonization in law, policing, prison, court, mental health, transitional justice and restorative justice. We are grateful to receive funding support from the University of Regina’s OER Publishing Program Small Project Grant, which enabled us to hire a professional copy editor for the book.

License: CC-BY


This book by senior undergraduate and graduate student in the Department of History at the University of Regina describes how Canadian Prime Ministers articulated their vision of Canada from 1935 to 2015 through their Speeches from the Throne and in their Leaders' Day speeches. It demonstrates that each of Canada's Prime Ministers had a vision for the country and articulated that vision in their speeches and through their words.

License: CC-BY