University of Regina Open Courseware

The University of Regina provides some open courseware to those who may be interested in using them in their courses. Specifically, we provide a list of resources listed as open textbooks, open textbook adaptations, ancillary resources, guides and toolkits. These will be itemized under each of the headings. These resources are provided for use as-is and have not been peer reviewed.

Open Educational Resources

  1. Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences by Professor Paul Gingrich. Some of the textbook for Social Studies 201 is available from this section of the web site. These materials were intended primarily for students in Social Studies 201 at the University of Regina. Others are free to use these materials, but please give appropriate credit if you do so. The link to this resource is
  2. Calculus I (MATH 110) by Dr. Robert Petry. Now in its 5th edition it pretty much stands alone and a student can just read it. It has worked examples and problems. I have also created a solutions manual for some of the problems based on answers I gave students in my General Discussion Forum on UR Courses over the years. I have had a few students work on editing that.  The Luther and two of the main campus sections this fall will be using this book.  The latter will use it because I will be making lectures based on it which they will share with their students. The link to this resource is Math 110 Lab Manual 5 edition[ZIP].
  3. Calculus II (MATH 111) by Dr. Robert Petry. This book has the main theorems but just stubs for examples that I do in class.  It also has no problem exercises.  For the Math 110 book I used the Math 110 lab manual for exercises.  The link to this resource is Calculus 2 [PDF].
  4. Linear Algebra (MATH 122) by Dr. Robert Petry. This book contains the various theorems, etc. and includes worked examples and so stands on its own. It lacks an index.  It also lacks problem exercises.  There is no Math 122 lab manual. The link to this resource is Linear Algebra 1 edition[ZIP].
  5. Statistics (STAT 100) by Dr. Robert Petry. It largely stands on its own. However, it is in need of updating since the last time I did so was 2012 and even then there were some old Saskpolytech graphics and examples that were out of date even then.  That said it is free and it gets my students through the class. Other instructors will tend to share this with their students but I do use some unique notation (inherited from Saskpolytech) for certain symbols which makes them less likely to follow it in class. There are also some in-class work that an instructor should do in a few places. The link to this resource is Stat 100 Lecture notes  v2[ZIP].

Dr. John Archer Library Open Access site

The Archer Library has an excellent site for faculty interested in publishing their scholarly research and learning resources in an open manner.  More information is available at

Links to Open Courseware

The following are links to other Open CourseWare sites that are worth visiting and checking out. These links contain a range of material: videos, assessments, course syllabi, multimedia, slides, case studies, course notes, modules and full courses.